Friday, July 30, 2010

finnair Helsinki NY JFK business class review

The Helsinki–New York route is operated with the new Airbus A330 aircraft. This aircraft offers you luxurious seating in Business Class sleeper seats and comfortable travel in Economy Class as well.
flight number
AY 005 HEL 14:10. JFK 15:50. Daily. 08h:40m.
AY 006. New York city JFK 17:40. HEL 08:50+1. Daily. 08h:10m

The finnair Business Class has a new type of full-flat bed seat, which reclines to fully horizontal, as well as a new lay-out with more seats, offering more privacy than before.
This fifth Airbus A330, with the registration OH-LTR, is equipped with new Contour Vantage seats that recline to a fully horizontal position. which makes it possible to enjoy a good sleep during the flight. On each row there are 4 or 5 seats, which means that nearly 90 per cent of passengers have direct access to the aisle. With the new seating arrangement leaving one’s seat will be considerably easier than before. The new seats also offer passengers more privacy and personal space. The new lights give the cabin an elegant atmosphere.

The new cabin lay-out also allows the seats to be arranged so that more seats fit into the same space. The Business Class of Finnair's latest Airbus A330 aircraft has 45 seats A third of Business Class passengers can choose a full-flat seat that sits on its own, without another seat beside it. The Business Class snack bar has been left out to leave more room for the more effective seating arrangement.

The finnair new Business Class seating requires the use of airbags at all other seats except on the first row, where the bulkhead is further away than the seat in front. The airbag is situated in the seatbelt and is activated when the seatbelt is fastened. Extension belts can not be used at seats with airbags and therefore infants can not be seated there either.

During intercontinental flights, AY serve Business Class passengers two high-quality inflight meals. The main meal comprises an appetizer, soup, main course (three alternatives), cheese, dessert and fresh fruit. A wide selection of bread is always served with the meal. Espresso and cappuccino coffee, as well as an extensive range of teas, are available throughout the flight.

The food on the flight departing from Helsinki is based on a combination of fresh Nordic cuisine and a taste of the destination country. Carefully selected high-quality beverages and award-winning wines complement the meal perfectly.

The latest A330 aircraft has 218 seats in Economy Class, compared to 229 in the previous versions. All new Airbus aircraft offer a personal entertainment system for each passenger with a wide range of entertainment to choose from. Passengers may also for example send text messages and log on to their laptop.
Airshow route map system

The Airbus aircraft are equipped with an Airshow system that displays the progress of the flight on a map and provides information on different stages of the flight. You can follow the Airshow programme on the personal video system on the Airbus A340-300 and A330-300 aircraft.

The Airbus A330 aircraft is used on the shorter long-haul routes, such as New York, as well as Seoul and Nagoya. The new aircraft will take off for Seoul on Monday, December 28.

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